Different Paints That You Can Buy for Your Home

Buying a home is a monumental task, but you only have to go through it once. However, being a homeowner is an extensive task requiring constant effort into maintenance and other day-to-day activities. When it comes to aesthetics, the paint of the interiors and the exteriors play an important role in the paints you can buy for your home.

Charlton, South Carolina, can be described as a quaint little city with an old-school charm of its own. The city’s cobblestone-filled streets and elegant french quarters make it quite an aesthetic city. So, if you live in this port city, you must contact a professional for house painting charleston sc. Hiring a professional company ensures you get the best quality work on time.

While deciding, you must choose the color and focus on the paint types.

So, here are some different types of paints you can buy for your home.

1. Oil-based

Oil-based paints are probably one of the best in the business as they come with many pros. For starters, the varying and unpredictable environmental conditions are unlikely to be affected because it’s water-resistant, and humidity has nothing on it. It has a strong coat and therefore is prone to no damage, making it a suitable applicant for wood surfaces like baseboards and window frames.

The list doesn’t end here; it also leaves an impressive glossy finish on various surfaces it has been brushed upon. However, oil-based paints contain a toxic level of volatile organic compounds, which could provide a pathway to numerous health issues.

2. Water-based

These are very popular today and are on the verge of replacing the all-rounder Oil-based paints because they are humble towards our environment and pose no threat.

These paints are also friendly to the nose and the brushes since they’re comparatively easier to remove.

These are also highly UV durable; color fading isn’t a prominent threat, making them perfect for application on exterior walls.

3. Gloss and Semi-gloss

Gloss and Semigloss paints have soft, smooth, shiny qualities, which leaves the surfaces with a sumptuous touch.

They are versatile and therefore are fit for application on either window frames or doors to even interior walls. However, since they have such a smooth surface, they often tend to reflect certain defects that the surface might inherently possess,

4. Emulsion

The emulsion is a kind of paint specifically designated for painting ceilings but could also be applied on interior walls. There are subtypes to Emulsion – Matte, and Silk.

Matte is the one that is commonly applied on the ceilings since it does not possess a glossy quality and therefore isn’t prone to reflection.

On the other hand, silk is likely to last a long time and has a considerable amount of sheen, making it a decent candidate for walls.

5. Satin paint

Many painters prefer this because sheen levels are low, which means that it diffuses the light that falls upon it and does not give away surface defects they wish to conceal.
Despite fewer sheen levels, the paint’s shine will still be quite prominent. Moreover, It promises to be durable and easier to clean.

Choosing the right type of paint is tricky, but when you contact a professional for house painting in Charleston, SC, they will make the job easier for you. They will guide you through the various options available to you within the set budget. Always hire a professional painter from a reputed organization that has wonderful customer service and several payment options for customers’ ease.

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