How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room

How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room

Having an exposed pillar in your living room can Be A significant eyesore. If you’ve ever looked around for ways to hide it, you know That it can be difficult To find an effective solution. Fortunately, there are many creative and clever ways to disguise A pillar in your living room without breaking The bank or compromising on aesthetic appeal. In this article, we’ll discuss how To disguise A pillar by using various materials, from fabric And wallpaper to paint, and more on How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room.

Keep Paint Neutral

When it comes To decorating your living area, There are so many elements To consider. What color should you paint the walls? How do you arrange the furniture? One aspect that is often overlooked is how to hide a pillar in The living area. Although pillars can add character and structure To A room, They can also take up valuable space and make it difficult To properly place The furniture. Fortunately, there are several solutions for hiding A pillar in your living area without compromising On style or comfort. 

One of The best ways To disguise A pillar is with neutral paint colors. Instead of making drastic changes such As covering them with wallpaper or fabric, opt for An understated yet stylish look by choosing tones such As beige, white, or light gray. This will draw attention away from The pillar while creating An inviting atmosphere in your living area.

Match Your Pillar To A Room’s Trim

Hiding A pillar in your living area can Be an intimidating feat – but it doesn’t have to Be. With A few simple steps, you can match The trim of your room to seamlessly blend in with The existing space. Taking this approach will make sure That your room looks and feels cohesive and inviting. 

The first step is To measure The height and width of The pillar so that you know what kind of trim pieces you need To purchase. Once you have those numbers, it’s time To head out shopping! Look For trim pieces That come close in size but also look good with The overall design aesthetic of your space – whether it Be modern or traditional, rustic or contemporary. If necessary, you may need To cut down some trim pieces depending on How large or oddly shaped The pillar is.

Hang Pendant Lighting Strategically

Hang Pendant Lighting Strategically: If you’re looking to hide A pole in your living area, pendant lighting can Be an effective solution. Not only can it provide extra lighting and create visual interest, But strategically placed pendants can be used To draw the eye away from an unwanted addition to The space. Here are a few tips For making The most of This style of lighting and hiding That pesky pillar. 

Start by figuring out how much light is actually needed. Do you need mood lighting or task-specific illumination? Once you’ve determined which type of illumination is necessary, you can start considering different shapes and sizes of pendants. Multi-pendant lights look great when suspended over long tables or bars, while single fixtures work wonderfully In small spaces like living rooms And bedrooms.

Use Wall Décor 

When it comes To decorating A living area, there are many challenges That can arise. One of the most common challenges is how to hide an unsightly pillar in the middle of the room. Not only will This pillar take up valuable floor space, but it may also disrupt the aesthetics of your desired design. Fortunately, there Are plenty of ways To use wall décor To effectively hide A pole in your living area. 

The first way you can use wall décor is by installing shelving or bookcases around The area where The pillar stands. This will provide symmetry and give you more storage options For books, trinkets, and other decorative items. You can also choose shelves That contrast with your walls’ colors and textures To create A unique look and draw attention away from The pillar itself.

Use Contrast Paint Colour 

Adding a pop of color To your living area can Be A great way to add some personality and style. But, if you’re dealing with An unsightly pillar, you may feel limited in how to decorate. The good news is that you can actually use contrast paint color To effectively hide The pillar and make it blend into The wall behind it. Here’s how: 

First off, choose two colors That are opposites on The color wheel. These will be used For creating contrast and hiding the pillar from view. For example, if your walls Are light gray you could pair this with A darker navy blue For dramatic effect. Once you have selected your two colors, be sure to get enough paint For both sides of The pillar as well As any other sections that need touching up.

Choose Furniture In A Complementary Shade

When looking To hide An unsightly pole in the living area, furniture is a great way To do it. Choosing a complementary shade will help to seamlessly blend the piece into The existing décor without drawing attention. While this may seem like an intimidating task, there are several tips and tricks That can make finding The perfect piece much easier. 

The first step is To consider any large pieces that Are already in place, such as couches or armchairs. If possible, look For one with a similar texture and color scheme As these elements will naturally be pulled together by their commonalities. Additionally, if there are any accent pieces present already, Ensure That they closely match with whatever new item is being added so That nothing clashes visually.

Use A Wall Mirror

A wall mirror is A great way To make your living area look bigger, brighter, and more beautiful. If you have An unsightly pillar in The middle of your living area that you want To hide, Then consider using A wall mirror. Mirrors are highly versatile pieces of décor that can be used to disguise and de-emphasize certain elements in A room. Here’s how you can make use of A wall mirror To easily conceal any pillars in your living space: 

First, measure The size of The pillar and decide how big A mirror you need. Then find or create An appropriate frame for it – if there’s no furniture around the pillar, opt For something ornate or elaborate with intricate details on it. Place The mirror against the wall such that it covers up The pillar completely from view.

Select Decor Accordingly

Decorating A living room can Be tricky, especially when there is an unsightly pillar in The way. Pillars are difficult to remove, But They don’t need to take away from The beauty of your space. With these tips and tricks, you can learn how to hide A pole in your living room and create A beautiful atmosphere. 

The first step towards hiding a pillar is To choose decor that matches the area around it. If you have neutral-colored walls, opt For furniture pieces That are also neutral tones so that the pillar blends into The background of your living space. You could even hang art on either side of it or place tall plants nearby To draw attention away from its presence. 

Make It Funky

When you have A large, intrusive pillar taking up space in your living room, it can be difficult to make the most of the available space. Rather than let it remain an eyesore, why not get creative And turn This obstacle into A stylish feature? Here’s how to hide A pillar in your living room and make it funky at The same time.

Start by assessing what kind of wall surface you have. If you have brick or stone walls, these can often Be painted. Over with masonry paint to give them an entirely new look. Alternatively, cover exposed brickwork with wood paneling for a more classic feel. If The plaster is your material of choice Then wallpaper can be used To really bring out. The personality of The room – use bold prints For maximum impact!

Configure Furniture Strategically

When it comes To decorating A living room, it’s important To consider the layout of The furniture. Unfortunately, many homes have An awkward pillar in The middle of The space that can Be difficult to work around. Instead of leaving it exposed and disrupting your flow. There are ways you can hide A pole in your living area with strategic furnishings. Here are some tips on how To configure furniture strategically and make unwanted features blend into The background. 

Start by positioning low-profile pieces like bean bags or ottomans directly against the pole so they can camouflage. Their shape without taking up Too much floor space. If you don’t want To sacrifice seating options, use A tall piece like an armoire or bookshelf instead. This will also provide additional storage for books, pictures, And other knickknacks.

Place Statement Seating In Front Of It

If you have A living room with A large, visible pole, It can Be difficult to properly arrange your furniture. Fortunately, there are ways To make the pole less of an eyesore and create. The illusion That it’s not even there! 

One popular option is placing statement seating in front of The pole. This could Be anything from An armchair or loveseat to A large sofa or sectional – whatever fits your space best! To further conceal The pole, choose upholstery with bold prints or bright colors That draw attention away from it. You may also want To hang artwork above. The sofa or place some plants And decor around it for An added distraction. Finally, if possible use rugs or carpets To cover any floor area around The base of the pole. This will help To break up its shape and blend it more seamlessly into your living room design.

Go Big With Lighting

Lighting is one of The most important elements To consider when designing a living room. It can make or break the atmosphere and set the tone For how people feel in the space. If you have An awkward pole in your living room, don’t worry! With a few simple steps, you can easily hide it from view and create An inviting ambiance. 

The first step is To choose lighting fixtures That draw attention away from the pole. Try hanging a pair of large sconces on either side Of it or suspending a modern chandelier directly above. Position wall-mounted lamps on nearby walls to further soften. Their presence and place of table lamps around other furniture pieces To balance out the area. Additionally, using low-hanging ceiling lights will help brighten up shadowy corners. While also preventing eyes from wandering toward The structural element.

Final Thoughts 

Hiding a pole in A living room can be a great way to update The look of your space. You can use any of the techniques mentioned above To cover, disguise or decorate the pole. The key is To choose an approach That works best for you. It is important to consider The existing décor in your living room and how it will coordinate with The chosen method of hiding The pole. Additionally, don’t forget To measure twice before cutting any materials For your project.

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